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Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus


William Cramer

Emeritus, 2022

Distinguished Professor

Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science

The central theme in the Cramer lab is the structure and function of integral membrane proteins, with emphasis on mechanisms of membrane energy transduction and storage, redox-linked trans-membrane signaling, and trans-membrane cytotoxin import. Studies have also included analysis of membrane interactions of the Parkinson's Disease protein, a-synuclein. Dr. Cramer's commitment to biophysical education is backed by an extensive trainee record, 5 senior-author Annual Reviews (Annual Review of Biochemistry, of Biophysics, of Genetics, and of Plant Physiology), his textbook on "Energy Transduction in Biological Membranes,” (Springer-Verlag, 1991), and his editorship of a "Cytochrome Complexes: Structure/Function/Evolution/Signaling" (June 2016). He is a Biophysical Society Fellow and a former Molecular Biophysics T32 Program Director.